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How does the training programme work?

Course structure

Webequality is only appropriate to individuals and organisations in the UK. The training material is divided into a number of modules. You are required to complete these in sequence because the knowledge element is progressive; Module 2 builds upon your knowledge from Module 1, and so on. There are four modules in all, and they vary in length. Each module takes 20 or 30 minutes.

Each module starts with an introductory page. The module is then divided into a series of topics. A typical format is: training topic - multiple choice question - answers. If you give a wrong answer, you will be required to redo the question, in order to prove your understanding before moving on to the next topic.

The course structure is:

At the end of each module is a summary. Completion of each module is recorded and will appear as a separate entry on your course completion certificate.

Course duration

The estimated time for a typical user to complete the entire training course is two and a half hours.

Accessing the training

You will first need to register with us to obtain your Student ID.

Once you have a Student ID, you will have access to the training for 21 days. The 21 days starts from the first time you choose to log in and do some training. You are not required to complete the entire course in one session. You can log in and out as often as you wish within the 21 days, and you work at your own pace. If you cannot complete the course in time, please contact us for an extension.

You must complete the training in sequence. Your progress is recorded step by step. You will be automatically returned to your last position, the next time you log in.

Completing the course

After completing all four modules, you move to the revision test exercises. You must achieve a pass mark in respect of each module to pass the whole test. The test is designed to take about 30 minutes to complete. You will not be given your score until you complete the test.

In the event you fail the test, you will have the chance to answer the questions again.

After completing the test, you will have the opportunity to go back to the start of the training course.

You do not have to do the test exercises, if you don't wish to.

Recognizing achievement

All students who complete the training modules will receive a course completion certificate. If you passed the revision test, this will be recorded on the certificate.

The personalised certificate can either be copied or printed off by you, or you can contact us to request it to be sent to you by post.


You can view a slideshow about the course by opening this link. Warning - this page runs a slideshow in Internet Explorer.


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