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Fast Start - start training now!

With Fast Start, you can be training within about 15 minutes (but you don't have to start right now). If you are required to pay for your training, there is an option later in this process to pay via credit/debit card or PayPal (assuming you have a PayPal account). It's quick, convenient and safe. Alternatively, you can opt to pay later and we will invoice you by email or post, but it's generally more work for both of us!

If you need more information about registration and our charging policy, see the "what it costs" pages in the site menu (info for organisations or info for individuals). Please note that, while we do not currently bar registrations from people outside the UK, course content often refers to UK law and custom. Therefore, it may be of less value to non-UK residents. It is part of our terms and conditions that you must decide if the training is what you want before confirming that you require access.

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Further information:

All links in this section open a page in a new window. Information about the Terms and Conditions appropriate to you is repeated later in the registration process.

1 This link will tell you about our Data Protection policy as it applies to you.

(Data Protection policy)

2 These links will direct you to our Terms and Conditions relating to:

(Fee paying students)

(Free training for disabled people)

(Evaluation access for organisations)

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