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Notice board

New Equality Act 2010 training course - March 2011

In response to demand, we have now created an entirely new and up-to-date training course about the Equality Act 2010. This course works in a similar way to Webequality disability equality training, but covers all aspects of the Equality Act, up to the latest consultation documents, draft regulations, relevant press releases etc, issued by the Government.

Topics covered include all the protected characteristics, all the types of discrimination, a detailed look at the new public sector equality duty, exceptions, changes from previous equality legislation, etc.

Fees for the new course are on the same basis as for Webequality, although the new course will only be available on a fee-paying basis or for free evaluation by potential buying organisations.

Pending an imminent restructuring of this website to place the two training courses on an equal footing, email us at CIT for details or for free evaluation access for one person.

Webequality updated for the Equality Act 2010 - October 2010

The first parts of the Equality Act 2010 have finally come into force and the Disability Discrimination Act is no more. The Webequality training programme has been fully updated to reflect the changes that have taken place in the law of the land. The new course covers the revised definitions of various types of discrimination, the duty to make reasonable adjustments and the other things you need to know about the new Act as it applies to disability.

UN Convention - July 2009

We have a new resource page about the UN Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities.

Equality Bill - June 2009

We have updated the training course to include a section on the Equality Bill that will replace the Disability Discrimination Act. We also have a resource page about the bill. Everyone can use the resource page - it's free, but it's especially meant for people who have done the main training course and want to keep up to date with the changes in the law.

New fees structure and accepting PayPal - Newsflash - 16 June 2009

We have revised our fees structure. Also, as a part of the registration process, you can pay immediately using many types of credit card or debit card or a PayPal account, if you have one. It's fast, convenient and safe. You can then get straight into the training course, if you wish.

Courtis Internet & Training - Newsflash - June 2009

As from the end of May 2009, ownership and support of this site has passed to Courtis Internet & Training. It is our intention to carry out all aspects of our new responsibility to the same high standards that were previously shown by Working for Opportunities Trust and then Lifestyle Support Services (Swindon) Ltd as former owners.

It is our firm commitment to extend and update this site significantly in the coming months in order to enhance the training experience for all trainees. Depending on events in the UK Parliament, one of the first priorities will be to upgrade training content in the light of the new Equalities Bill now before Parliament.

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