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About this site

NEWSFLASH: New Equality Act 2010 training course - March 2011

In response to demand, we have now created an entirely new and up-to-date training course about the Equality Act 2010. This course works in a similar way to Webequality disability equality training, but covers all aspects of the Equality Act, up to the latest consultation documents, draft regulations, relevant press releases etc, issued by the Government.

Topics covered include all the protected characteristics, all the types of discrimination, a detailed look at the new public sector equality duty, exceptions, changes from previous equality legislation, etc.

Fees for the new course are on the same basis as for Webequality, although the new course will only be available on a fee-paying basis or for free evaluation by potential buying organisations.

Pending an imminent restructuring of this website to place the two training courses on an equal footing, email us at CIT for details or for free evaluation access for one person.

What is Webequality?

This site provides disability equality training in the form of a short interactive web-based course or "e-learning programme". This training is based on the Social Model of Disability, which argues that disability is as much a way that society treats people as a matter of any physical or mental conditions they may have.

What is Disability Equality Training?

a set of scales

There is plenty of formal and authoritative evidence that disabled people face massive discrimination in leading lives in which they can contribute and participate as equals in society. This particularly relates to finding and staying in work and to access to goods and services.

Such discrimination occurs knowingly or unknowingly every day, and is likely to be committed by all of us at some time. What can we do about it? We can gain a greater understanding of how our thoughts and actions may contribute to discrimination. We are then better able to tackle discrimination as it occurs.

Webequality aids that understanding. It is designed to make people aware of the kind of issues that arise about the way the law in the UK works, how to talk to and about disabled people and how to avoid making detrimental assumptions. You can read more about the online training and how it works.

We are currently still offering this programme free to disabled people not in paid employment and unpaid carers not in paid employment.

Please note: Webequality is an overview of how things work in the UK. It is not intended to provide authoritative legal advice about rights, discrimination, etc. If you need such guidance, please see a qualified legal professional.

How the site is structured

Our site has two parts:

Site navigation

We have assumed that most visitors to this site will use the menu on the left of the screen to navigate the site. However, you can also use the text menu at the bottom of the screen, or the access keys. See our accessibility page for more information. There is also a text-only mirror site. It minimises the use of page formatting, etc, that may not work well with some screen readers.

You can also use the site map to get an overview of site content and to access any page in the public area.


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